Life Balance

7 Strategies to Regain Balance

Over 70% of the working population reports that they lack balance in their lives. When you have greater balance, you are more productive, motivated, healthy, and joyful.

This program will inspire you to regain balance despite professional and personal demands on your time and energy. The 7 Strategies to Regain Balance program include interactive activities to help you learn and apply each strategy to your everyday life. The strategies are as follows:

  1. Fill your cup first.

  2. Ensure your schedule aligns with your priorities.

  3. Go with the flow.

  4. Identify and eliminate energy drainers.

  5. Get connected with YOU.

  6. Change your vibrations.

  7. Enlist the support of others.

There are many benefits to this program including:

  • improved self-care, resulting in greater health and happiness
  • increased productivity
  • greater work satisfaction and increased morale

This program is available in the following formats:


Saying Yes to Saying No

In this program, you will learn to set healthy boundaries with integrity and grace - in ALL of your professional and personal relationships.

There are many reasons we struggle with setting healthy boundaries. Here are just a few of the reasons we frequently encounter:

  • Does helping others keep you busy and serve as a means of escape?
  • Do you feel obligated to help others and feel guilty if you don’t?
  • Do you say yes because it’s easier and allows you to avoid conflict?

You will be more confident and comfortable setting boundaries with others. This includes holding people accountable for their behavior.

This program is available in the following formats: