I believe God places people in our lives for a reason, whether it be for a day, a year or a lifetime. As it turned out, Jeanne Henningsen was placed in my life for a very specific reason, at a critical juncture where I found myself at a crossroads without direction or a sense of purpose.

When I met Jeanne I had been experiencing severe loss at many levels and facing some major health issues. In a word, I was struggling. As our friendship grew, and I learned more about Jeanne’s life coaching abilities, I came to realize that I needed her wisdom and guidance more than I could have imagined. It took me several months to come to the conclusion that I could not handle life’s roadblocks without some help from a non-biased, professional who had my best interests at heart.

It is often said, that one does not change until it becomes too painful not to. That was where I found myself when I hired Jeanne as my life coach, I needed to get “unstuck” and push through life’s muddy waters in order to move forward and get back on track.

We began by determining what was important to me, defining my life’s goals, and creating a “Vision Board”. I needed to see the possibilities for my future and what they could lead to. Through this process and the action items that Jeanne assigned after each session, I became more focused and began to find new meaning in my life. Accountability was a key factor. If I committed to something, Jeanne always followed up. She held me to my word. As a result, I worked on some key problem areas, took some risks that brought rewards, and began to rebuild my confidence. As my confidence grew, I adopted a new attitude and a far more positive outlook on life. I found my purpose, and started making decisions with that purpose in mind. Today, I look forward to what life has in store for me. It is an exciting time!

Make no mistake, there is no magic bullet, or quick fix. This is a lifelong learning experience. There will always be pitfalls to deal with, but Jeanne’s coaching program has given me the tools I need to continue to move forward with balance and purpose, and for that, I will always be grateful. The added bonus is Jeanne and I formed a bond that can’t be broken – we will be lifelong friends.

With deep appreciation,

Ann E. Spang

“As a leader, I encountered obstacles that affected my ability to lead as effectively as I wanted. Jeanne helped me discover new and different ideas and solutions that paved the way for me to act and think differently. This helped me evolve both personally and professionally as a leader.”

Leadership Team/Workshop:

Jeanne has conducted many leadership development workshops for our team. Her approach is interactive, and engaging, while also providing insight and greater understanding to who we are as individuals and a team. As a result of participating in Jeanne’s workshops the staff have gained valuable insight regarding their professional and personal development; which in turn has helped to improve communication and collaboration throughout the department.”

Bob Yanckello, Formerly Chief Technology Officer
University of Central Florida

Achieving Balance” were the words that caught my attention to the coaching opportunity offered by Jeanne Henningsen. Organization and time management are strong drivers in my personality. Though these personality traits can be positive, they caused my life to be out of balance.

As a result of coaching, Jeanne brought positive results.

No longer do I work into the evening hours to answer all emails sent each day.

Household chores can wait another day.

I now spend more time with my husband and doing things that are important to me—reading, playing the piano, etc.

Cheryl F.
Education Administrator

In just a few weeks I have learned how fulfilled my life is, not just with my business but with my family and community service. I enjoy and appreciate having the energy to “live two lives” in one, and now I also realize I must make space for new and exciting opportunities! Jeanne helped me acknowledge that “clutter” can lead to feeling overwhelmed, and I am making progress to clear up the clutter to allow new energy into my life. Energy to stay connected with aging parents, energy to watch my four children mature, energy to welcome grandchildren; at my age there’s still plenty to look forward to in life!

Jeanne is an inspiration, and I must compliment her on her positive attitude along with her genuine compassion for her fellow man. She sets a great example to care about others and everyone lives a better life.

Diana Williams
Sr Financial Services Representative
Financial Advisor
Principal Financial Group

As the first HR Director for the UCF Foundation, I was admittedly, overwhelmed. I had so much to learn and I was dealing with a multitude of personalities. I knew I could get past the learning curve and I knew it was just a matter of time before I got to know the staff and management, but I also knew I needed some help with focus. A friend and co-worker recommended I begin coaching with Jeanne Henningsen. I had worked with her through UCF HR and knew of her reputation as a calm, skilled coach.

Through our sessions, Jeanne was able to help me focus on the early wins. I learned that working in higher education is different from the private sector and that, although challenging, there are great rewards! She helped me find the tasks that were hardest for me and figure out a way to tackle them head on. Throughout our sessions, my confidence in myself grew and so did the confidence my management and staff had in me. 

I’ve recommended Jeanne to a number of people and all of them have thanked me for the referral.

JB Himmer
Executive Director for Advancement, Human Resources
UCF Foundation

I have been working with Jeanne for years. And while her influence is powerful, it can be difficult to appreciate and to put into words. When I look over my notes over the years there are several critical cross roads where Jeanne’s perspective, experience, or truth telling have helped to set me on the right path. She has a talent and gift that challenges me to look a things differently than I normally would. This leads to insights I desperate need. Often it’s self-reflective and challenges me to take responsibility for my actions or lack thereof. When I started with Jeanne it was to aid in my transition to becoming a manager. I felt assured in my abilities and had a strong expectation that I should get what I need to achieve. When I started the new position I was expecting  the job, my managers to help me achieve the organizational goals. When I struggled I looked to them for answers first. I’ve learned now that I need to start with myself. What can I do within myself to overcome barriers? How am I contributing to the issue? What can I do to help the job, my managers, the organization?  Part of that might be to seek help. But only after I’ve exhausted my own resources. I am responsible in a more complete way for my actions.                                                                                                                                                              

Felicia Kendall

"Jeanne was wonderful. She was able to immediately create an environment where I was able to be open, sharing with no fear of criticism or judgment."

Director, Darden Restaurants